DealTrack is a sophisticated deal management platform powered by a proprietary scoring algorithm, designed to help you effortlessly determine the deals worth deep-diving into.

Collaborate better together

Complete multiple tasks in the due diligence process, from the collection of data to generation of insights, with one software and save >2,300 man-hours per year.1

1 Based on the assumption that a team of 5 analysts screens 1,260 deals per year, and in comparison with traditional manual deal screening methods.

Make data-validated decisions

DealTrack uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to amalgamate >1,500,000 data points, across 50 parameters and subparameters, per company and score them based on 5 scoring outcomes.

You could rely on our system’s recommended algorithm, or build your own by adjusting the weightage of each scoring outcomes.

By supplementing the Deal Score with market benchmarks, DealTrack presents you with a single source of truth to empower you in decision making.

Command your smart analyst

Eliminate cumbersome data entry work in your deal management process.

Within 48 hours, our smart analyst will scan through documents in the data room — extracting meaning from large volumes of unstructured data and converts them into structured data — to populate the company profile in DealTrack.

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